Welcome to B-Cycle-It

Pssssst, I bet you are looking for a bike, right?

Perhaps as cheap and reliable as possible and with low hassle.

Well, you have come the the right place.

For almost 5 years we've been helping hundreds of international (Exchange) students on a bike just like you.
We know that being in Holland is much nicer and easier if you have a bike. Look at all the Dutch people.

Just like you we believe in

Freedom, Exploration, Reduction of costs, Adventure, Simplicity and Safety.

We understand that being in a foreign country can be scary. Most of us have been in your shoes.
Also that by accidentally making the wrong choices you could end up paying a lot of money unnecessarily.
We believed that there should be an alternative. And in a way that alternative is B-Cycle-It.

We believe just like you that not everything has to be expensive. 
That there are some things that you don’t really want to worry about.
That you shouldn’t be restricted to when and where you want move, like by a (tram/bus)schedule
or by how much you have in your pocket at the moment.
We believe that adventure and exploring is fun, however you don’t always have to take unnecessary risks.

Who are we? We are B-Cycle-It!

So If you are looking for a bike and you believe what we believe then GO to the reservation page and RESERVE YOUR BIKE Today!

WARNING: We only have a limited amount of bikes, so if you are slow we might not be able to help you.